DocuWare Kinetic Solution
for Invoice Processing

Eliminate manual touch from your invoice process. Automate the capture, data extraction, routing and archiving of invoices for a straight, untangled workflow.


DocuWare Kinetic Solution for Invoice Processing completely automates your invoice process, from data capture to approval and provides the capability to post invoices to your accounting or ERP system.


The solution combines modern process expertise with our zero-compromise cloud and mobile platforms to eliminate the waste of manual processes and refocus your team on strategic, profit-driving projects.


Capture and match

Capture incoming invoices from a network connected scanner, multifunction printer (MFP), mobile scan or directly from your email. DocuWare Intelligent Indexing extracts key data such as supplier, invoice number, date and amounts to match against purchase orders or to route invoices through a workflow approval process before securely archiving.

  • Any format, any device
  • Accurate machine-learning based DocuWare Intelligent Indexing
  • Secure, searchable file structure


Validate and route

Automatically identify a valid vendor, check for duplicate invoices and mandatory fields, extract any split-code general ledger bookings, confirm payment terms and compare with your vendor database. Instantly approve or route invoices based on a quick match, a three-way match (vendor invoice, packing slip and PO) or other criteria. Align workflows to your approval policies to expedite decision making.

  • Automated, comprehensive data validation
  • Vendor quick match and three-way match support
  • Reinforces your approval policies



Comment and approve

Receive instant notifications for invoices that cannot be automatically approved or routed. Automate the information flow between decision makers based on invoice amounts, vendor name or multi-level split code billing, and record notes directly on the invoice image with annotation functionality.

  • Instant flagging of non-standard invoices
  • Flexible routing to the correct decision makers
  • Easy annotations and notes




Process and post back

Integrate invoice workflow right into your financial application like QuickBooks, Sage, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP Business One or whatever your team uses. Post invoices back to your ERP and easily reference them later while maintaining compliance through a complete audit trail with versioning, encryption and automatic folder filing.

  • Flexible ERP integration
  • Post back for later reference
  • Complete, secure audit trail





DocuWare integrates with hundreds of financial applications



Achieve fast ROI with cloud

DocuWare Kinetic Solution for Invoice Processing is a preconfigured solution for automating invoice workflow and maintaining an integrated, compliant archive.

Built on DocuWare Cloud, a multitenant SaaS platform, the solution provides the reliability, scalability and security of a modern cloud application. Eliminate upfront costs with a subscription pricing model and extremely low professional services, and quickly get your finance team to full productivity with an intuitive user interface and robust admin controls.

Get up and running in just days.

Become a modern finance organization

  • Automatically digitize and read incoming invoices and match them to purchase orders
  • Use preconfigured workflows to accelerate the approval process
  • Review and approve invoices via any mobile device
  • Record approved invoices back to your accounting or ERP system through seamless integration
  • Maintain a secure, organized and searchable invoice archive for audits and budget planning